First Time Visitor?

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! The family of God at Grace would like to invite and welcome you to join us at any one of our worship services on Sunday or Wednesday. You are also invited and welcome to join us at any of our activities here at Grace. Check out our calendar. If you have specific questions about anything happening at Grace please give us a call at (239)261-7421 and speak with any one of our staff members.

What You Can Expect

At Grace we rejoice in the “Divine Service” where God is present to serve you with His gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation through hymns, the historic liturgy of the church, Law and Gospel preaching and the Sacraments (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper). The Divine Service can be a little daunting at first. Learning to love anything of great value takes time and patience. It’s like learning to drive. You didn’t just jump behind the wheel the first time you saw a car and zip down the road fast and free. You had to watch and observe. You watched your parents drive and in time you studied and got your learner's permit (don’t worry, there will NOT be a liturgy learners permit TEST!). In time you got behind the wheel and drove. Now you are a seasoned driver. You love it! It has opened avenues and sites you never would have experienced without driving. The Divine Service is like that! Come and just listen and learn. In time pick up the hymnal and study. Then, when you are ready, join in!

The members at Grace are here to serve. We love to help and serve others. We love to see the family of God grow!

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